Quite Contrary

Quite Contrary | Thinking creative

An e-commerce website, built on Magento E-commerce.

The site is for specialised hand made items. I have paired a Facebook store with the site to create more exposure.

Agency: Thinking Creative

Website www.quitecontrary.co.za

Stefanutti Stocks

Stefanutti Stocks mobile and tablet view | Thinking Creative

Stefanutti Stocks built this new website based on DNN. The skin and modules were all modified beyond their normal scope to meet the needs of the client. By using the modules in unusual ways, we have made both the navigation and upkeep of this website easier.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services

Website: www.stefanuttistocks.com

Weir Africa Store

Weir desktop view | Thinking Creative

Weir Africa Store is built on Big Commerce e-commerce system, and went live in late 2015.

The client is able to manage his products, pricing and content through the backend system.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services

Website: weirafricastore.com


Spazio lighting warehouse

Spazio desktop and tablet | Thinking Creative

Spazio is a dual website system, with the content and information pages showing in DNN, and an attached Magento store page.

I worked on the DNN site, which required modifiying the underlying CSS in order to achieve the style on the home page.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services

Website: www.spazio.co.za


Safmed home page | Thinking Creative

Safmed website is based on Magento E-commerce.

The site has been setup as a catalogue system, instead of a fully fledged shop. This allows the customer to display their products, without needing to maintain pricing.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services

Website: www.safmed.co.za


Liviero home page view | Thinking Creative

DNN based website with two different menu settings, allowing a varied view on the home page, and inner pages.

The site went live in 2016. After training, the customer has successfully managed their own website.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services

Website: www.liviero.co.za

Just SA

Just SA Desktop View | Thinking Creative

Just SA, previously known as Just Retirement, went live with a new website in 2017.
Their new site has been built on Umbraco 7, using a modified USkinned theme.
Agency: Syncrony Internet Services
Website: www.justsa.co.za


ATKV desktop view | Thinking Creative

The ATKV corporate website went live in 2016.

Created on DNN, it is a fully functional Content Management System (CMS), which has allowed the client to update and maintain the website with only minor help.

Agency: Digital Planet

Website: www.atkv.org.za