Spazio lighting warehouse

Spazio desktop and tablet | Thinking Creative

Spazio is a dual website system, with the content and information pages showing in DNN, and an attached Magento store page.

I worked on the DNN site, which required modifiying the underlying CSS in order to achieve the style on the home page.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services



Liviero home page view | Thinking Creative

DNN based website with two different menu settings, allowing a varied view on the home page, and inner pages.

The site went live in 2016. After training, the customer has successfully managed their own website.

Agency: Syncrony Internet Services



ATKV desktop view | Thinking Creative

The ATKV corporate website went live in 2016.

Created on DNN, it is a fully functional Content Management System (CMS), which has allowed the client to update and maintain the website with only minor help.

Agency: Digital Planet